A Handbook for Studies in 18th-century English Music

Harpsichord fin du 18me siècle by James Vertue
Harpsichord fin du 18me siècle by James Vertue

The Foundation publishes the annual Handbook for Studies in 18th-Century English Music as well as occasional publications relating to Handel and the Collection.

All publications, including some earlier issues of the Handbook, can be ordered by contacting handel@foundlingmuseum.org.uk

Handbook 25 (2021)

  • Arcangelo Corelli, his Trumpet Sinfonia and the Mysterious Mr Twisleton / Peter Holman (pp.1-25) 
  • The clarinet and clarinettists in London orchestras from the 1760s to the 1790s / Catherine Crisp (pp.27-51)
  • Henry and Daniel Purcell: brothers or cousins? / Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson (pp.52-63)


Handbook 24 (2020)

  • John Hawthorn’s shop at the Head of the Side, near the Post Office / Roz Southey (pp.1-43) 
  • Pass the parcel : ‘Bought of John Bland’, a snapshot of music-selling in late eighteenth-century London / Colin Coleman (pp.45-67)
  • ‘[F]or the benefit of this Charity’ : Musicians, Concerts and Philanthropy in the Age of Benevolence / Lizzy Buckle (pp.69-85)


Handbook 23 (2019)

  • Teachers and amateur players of the clarinet in London, ca 1750–ca 1810 / Catherine Crisp (pp.1-32)
  • The Lyric Repository : literate conviviality / Chris Price (pp.33-63)
  • Sorting out the Stoppelaers / Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson (pp.64-80)
  • The Valentines of Leicester and beyond : a very British musical dynasty / David Shuker (pp.81-95)


Handbook 22 (2018)

  • Thomas Arne as a teacher of singers / Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson (pp.1-18)
  • The sopranino recorder in England, 1750-1800 / Douglas MacMillan (pp.19-25)
  • Postcolonial pantomime : John O’Keeffe and William Shield’s Omai, or, a trip round the world (1785) / Ciara Conway (pp.26-46)
  • Redmond Simpson : musician, accountant and art collector / Katharine Hogg (pp.47-57)


Handbook 21 (2017)

  • Handel manuscripts : some recent developments / Donald Burrows (pp.1-26)
  • The music collection belonging to Tryphena Wynne Pendarves / Simon D.I. Fleming (pp.27-70)
  • John Malchair : tune-collecting in eighteenth-century England / Alice Little (pp.71-88)


Handbook 20 (2016)

  • Organs and organists at the Foundling Hospital, 1750-1800 by Donald Burrows (pp.1-26)
  • Handel, Croft and music for the Peace of Utrecht by Matthias Range (pp.27-55)
  • “Purchasing poverty” : the wages of eighteenth-century performers in London and Bath theatres by Rebecca Gribble (pp.56-81)


Handbook 19 (2008)

  • Music in the birthday celebrations at court in the reign of Queen Anne: a documentary calendar by Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson (pp.1-24)
  • Mr Isaac's The Britannia by Jennifer Thorp (pp.25-46)
  • Francis Pigott's 'I was glad' and its performance at three coronations / Matthias Range (pp.47-57)


Handbook 18 (2008)

  • The concert programmes project: a preliminary report by Ian Taylor (pp.1-57)
  • The firm of John Walsh and the Monthly Mask of Vocal Music: an overview by Olive Baldwin and Thelma Wilson (pp.58-80)


Handbook 17 (2007)

  • The Choice of Hercules: a survey of politics, literature, and music, 1700-1750 by Matthew Gardner (pp.1-37)
  • Chamber music in London's concert life, 1750-1800: a calendar of advertised performances by Meredith McFarlane and Simon McVeigh (pp.38-83)


Handbook 16 (2006)

  • The Gerald Coke Handel Collection at the Foundling Museum by Katharine Hogg (pp.1-8)
  • A Handelian's Scrapbook by Colin Coleman (pp.9-47)